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Breast Check: Times You Must Exam Your Breast !! 
       These are three most hassle-free moments when you can look over and feel your "twins" for any suspicious changes. 
  1. In the shower: The sudsy water makes it simple for your fingers to glide over and under each breast, pressing into the skin to detect any bumps. 
  2. The week after your period: After your flow ends, breast tissue is less lumpy, so it's easier to detect an abnormality. 
  3. Days before your gyno exam: Give your girls a thorough once-over before your appointment, feeling for irregularities and looking for dimpled skin and rashes that won't go away. With your exam coming up, you won't forget to point out to her anything that seems weird or worrisome.  

Health-Boosting Habit
"Sleep on it" is legit advice: getting enough rest helps you make better decisions the next day!  
[Source: University of Massachusetts at Amherst Study]